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Every love story is unique to those in it - and I want to tell that story. I don't want to use recycled poses or copy a Pinterest board. I want to guide you and your loved ones into authentic shots and capture the real joy and admiration you have for each other. 
I also know that your pets are a huge part of your life! I am really excited about giving you the opportunity to include them in your special day, headache free! 

Veils and Tails is a wedding and pet photography studio specializing in including your furry family member in your special day.

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I know how much time goes into planning a wedding


And I know that your wedding is so much more than just making sure to stay on schedule.  I want to help make sure every photo experience is one you'll treasure.  That is why our sessions are not just about getting a great shot, they're about having fun, enjoying your soon-to-be-spouse, and capturing your natural beauty!

Photography can be an intimate business


So lets get to know each other!  Before anything is ever signed, I want to share a cuppa joe with you and hear your love story.  I want to know what makes you head-over-heels for each other and why you plan on staying that way for the rest of your lives!  Great photos come when people are comfortable and understood, and I aim to do just that. 

I am so in love with photography and what it does


I love being able to show people just how fabulous they are through authentic photography. I work with real people, not models or "plastics," so I know everyone has flaws and insecurities.  But don't worry, I also know the best tricks and tips to help you look as beautiful as your future spouse already knows you are!

Including your pet -->

including your pet

I totally would have included my two tom cats in my wedding if they didn't mind plane rides and if my loving mother would have thought that was cool.  The real reason we couldn't was just because it was a logistical nightmare.  Cats are not known for loving new things and we would have had to have someone cat-sit after they were done with their official wedding duties.  I didn't want to ruin someones chance to enjoy the wedding, so we ended up scratching the idea.

That is where Veils and Tails comes in. I want to make it easy to include your childhood best-four-legged-friend, or your kept-me-company-while-I-was-single cat(s).  Weddings have enough stress attached - so let me figure out how to get Fido dolled up and ready for your big day while you enjoy it!

100% cat obsessed & dog Approved

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I believe that to take photos that speak to your individual love and unique story, we must get to know each other in a real and genuine way.

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If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.
- James Herriot

meet allie

I have been in love with pets and photography ever since I can remember.  Combining the two just seemed to make so much sense.

I had been doing wedding and pet photography as two separate businesses until attending a branding workshop called Sparked.  When I explained my issue with running two businesses and working a full-time job, the branding expert simply asked..."Why don't you do weddings for people who want their pets in them?"

Mind Blown.  It was such an obvious thing but I just hadn't put it together!  So I am super excited for this journey and so honored to be a part of your ceremony.  Getting married was one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I am so thankful to get to see that joy on others!

owner and lead photographer

meet crystal

I met Crystal on a Facebook group for creatives sometime in late 2016.  

We got coffee and quickly realized we had a lot in common. We started shooting weddings together in early 2017 and something just clicked.  She is easy to befriend, genuine of heart, and one of the hardest workers I know! 

A big reason I keep her around is how we shoot weddings together.  We always make it an aim to grab your guests and do some quick couples photos rather than hope they look fabulous while they eat!  It spurs our creativity and lets us show as many people as we can that they look amazing!

associate photographer

Meet Allie, Lead -->

We want to help you plan your perfect wedding photography experience - even if it ends up being with another photographer!


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